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elizabeth said:
my car would not start suddenly/ AAA tested the battery and said one cell was dead/ the battery is 16 mos old and under warranty from chrysler/ They insisted on charging me 130 to run a diagnostic test/ that is when they said the battery was good/ they did say i had a solenoid leak which would be 600 and i needed an alignment for 110. i declined all but had to pay them the 130// they told me the auto trans would fail if the solenoid kept leaking/
$130 for what, to test the battery and charging system? Sounds like it was a full vehicle inspection. Why did they insist on that, and charge you for it? Did they ever tell you why the car didn't start? that's a shame because for less than $130 you could have purchased a new battery. Is this a Chrysler dealer? I assume so, but either way, it sounds like they are just trying to get money. I would certainly go somewhere else for another opinion if you want one. However, I agree with the others here. If there is no puddle or obvious leaking, don't worry about the solenoid pack. Also, if your tires are wearing evenly, and the car is not pulling to one side or the other, don't worry about an alignment; although having one done periodically is not necessarily bad. I just wouldn't go back there. Is there another Chrysler dealer nearby?
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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