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Deciphering build tag on D/S fender

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I found the info for the VIN but haven't seen help on the build tag
Here's what it states




The under-scores are the gaps or spaces
And just as the two upper lines show, they start with A and go from there.
So the first under score is A and so on.

I looked in the glove box and Waddya know.. The Certicard and some older reciepts.
The mileage looks to be UNDER 90K!!

Vin shows:

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Can you be a little more specific where the numbers fall on the fender tag. The car looks to be a 1966, so that means the top line of the fender tag will have a series of letters. The numbers should fall under a particular letter. Same goes for the second line.
So far.....

Oct 31, 1965
Chrysler Newport/300/NewYorker
High trim level
2 door hardtop
Bench seat cloth or vinyl
Exterior paint Dark blue
Upper door frames black
440 4 bbl

The rest gets murky because some of the placements of the num,bers show up as police options. Most likely they are in the wrong place (I guessed at where they should go)
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That's why I said about the 'under scores'..
The gap before the '5' is A, and 5 is B. And so on..
I've had problems before typing something out all nice and neatly entered, and when I hit 'submit' it gets rearranged and doesn't come out as planned.

Oh, and it's a split front, cloth, bucket with armrest in the middle.

So, how did you decipher that? THAT'S the info that I'm looking for.
What is the name of the paint--- EE5B?

Go to and look up 1966 Chrysler colors. Regal Blue Poly is EE1.
OK, got on the site but they are ALL double letters..?
BUT, what does the '5' mean after the EE?

Yes, the paint codes then had double letters. I don't know why you have a 5 and the site calls out a 1. In my experience, Chrysler used a 1 as the third digit for the paint codes then. For example, my 66 Plymouth had YY1 as the code for Bronze Metallic.
It IS a nice color. I peeled back the weather stripping and still nice and shiny!
It's over at a friends house (the one selling off all his cars and parts) so I just can't go out and confirm findings.
AND, for some reason my printer is acting up cutting things in half so i can't scan it and post a pic of it.
Well if this party goes South tonight, I might try and fiddle with it and post it.

I just wasn't sure if I should have posted in RESTORATION instead.?
There should be a 'sticky' concerning stuff like this.
I won a auction for a 66 Imperial and like my 66 impala back when, it had other body styles also. And that's been a help so far.

Is there a way to tell what gear ratio is in the back?
I was trying to get some roller tires on it and couldn't make out the numbers on the pass side of the chunk.
Since it's warmer out, the wasps are out also and I wasn't going to stick my head up under there especially in tall grass too!

Later. E
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