According to an Allpar source, the Pacifica Hybrid is being recalled due to potential failure of a diode inside the power inverter module (PIM) , which is supplied by FCA division Magnetti Marelli. The issue appears to be have eluded testing because there are very specific conditions needed to cause a problem — such as an owner moving at highway speeds, braking heavily, and stopping or slowing to a low speed.

At that point, the diode can fail, because it’s been subject to too much current. This doesn’t apply to all the minivans; some of the diodes fail and others do not.

The problem did not occur during thousands of testing cycles; the stop-sale happened as quickly as possible so engineers could diagnose the cause.

The failure apparently does not halt the minivan on its own, and should not affect the most dangerous situations, e.g. accelerating into an intersection, if the issue is “as described.”

This story has not been confirmed.