Jorge Duque’s 2018 Dodge Challenger SRT Demon recently covered the quarter mile in just 9.03 seconds – making it the quickest new Demon without the help of nitrous oxide. Best of all, the mod list to get the supercharged Challenger into the low-9s is surprisingly short and after only a handful of runs, Duque is knocking on the 8-second door.

Before getting into the blower-only record details, here is a quick rundown on the team effort that is Jorge Duque’s Demon. While Duque owns and drives the car while his friend Rolando Cadena does the upgrade planning. The majority of the work was done by Ismael Romero at A&I Performance in Houston, Texas and the tuning efforts were a collaboration between Tim Barth of Barth Tuning and AJ Berge of Hemituner Performance. Cadena also handles all of the communication about the on-site tuning with Barth and Berge, so this car is truly a team effort – and that effort paid off in a big way.

The Build

This 2018 Dodge Demon has been modified in a variety of areas, but the list of upgrades is very short.

The team has added a Metco 2.65 upper pulley, an Innovators West 9% lower pulley, a BWoody billet idler pulley, ID1700S fuel injectors, dual Kenne Bell boost-a-pump, Forced Induction spacers, a Per4Mance Development Gen s different brace, a Forced Induction thermal blanket, Billet Specialties lightweight wheels with Mickey Thompson 315/50/17 ER Street R’s out back, a lightweight battery and a Kirkey lightweight drivers seat.

We don’t know what kind of power this car is making compared to stock, but we do know that it has a track weight in the 4,180 to 4,200-pound range with the driver.

We do want to point out that the engine of this Demon has never been opened up, except to install the thermal spacers. The transmission is stock (aside from the tune), the driveshaft is stock, the half-shafts are stock and the differential is stock, shy of the exterior brace that will hopefully prevent it from exploding on a hard launch.

It’s a Driver

Jorge Duque has driven this car two hours round-trip for each night at the track and after only about 20 runs, he is nearly in the 8-second range. During his first trip to the track, he got down to a 9.35 at 143 and on the second trip, Duque ran a 9.25 at 145. Last weekend, Duque headed to Houston Raceway Park and even in 82-degree temperature that led to a Density Altitude of 1,650 feet, he was able to set the record for the quickest blower-only (no nitrous oxide) new Demon in the world.

Although track prep was questionable, leading Tim Barth to dial down the power in the tune, but with less power, the car hooked harder and set the record with a 9.03 at 149.9 miles per hour. The only Demons to run quicker than that did so with nitrous oxide, and Duque did it on his third trip to the track with less than two dozen total runs and in rough air with bad track conditions.

In other words, the conditions couldn’t have been a whole lot worse, yet Duque and his team-built Dodge Demon set the blower-only record while nearly running in the 8s.

We fully expect to bring you the news of this car running in the 8s soon, but in the meantime, crank up your speakers and enjoy this video of a Demon tickling the 8s.