Production of the 2018 Dodge Challenger SRT Demon has ended, with all 3,300 slated for customer deliver having rolled off of the assembly line in Brampton, Ontario. Now that production is complete, the numbers on the supercharged beast have arrived online, giving us a look at the most popular colors and which options most buyers accepted and avoided.

2018 Dodge Challenger Demon
Unofficial Numbers

Before getting into the breakdown of Demon colors and options, we want to point out that these are not official numbers from FCA. Like most automakers, FCA doesn’t offer this kind of detailed breakdown of a model, but this chart was put together by a member of who goes by the handle PLMCRZY. We don’t know how this person has acquired this information, but he has been posting this information on the Hellcat cars for the past few years and contacts within FCA have told me that the numbers “appear to be accurate” – although the company will not officially verify these numbers.

It should also be noted that there were a total of 3,012 units produced and our insiders have explained that in addition to the cars that we all saw burn in a Reliable transport trailer, there were other cars that were replaced in the production order, but we don’t know why.

So, while these numbers aren’t official, they are literally the best thing that we have to go on when looking at which colors and options were the most popular for the 2018 Dodge Demon.

Demon Colors

The 2018 Dodge Challenger SRT Demon was offered in 15 colors and with 686 (US and Canada) painted Pitch Black, that was the most popular color by a narrow margin. TorRed was second with 631 units and while Plum Crazy and Destroyer Grey tied for third with 264 units. Go Mango with fifth with 252 units while Maximum Steel was the least popular color with just 32 units built in this hue.

We have put together a list of the most popular colors below, but you can check out the entire chart and all of the detailed Demon production info on .

Color - US Sales - Canadian Sales - Total Production
Pitch Black - 619 - 67 – 686
TorRed - 569 - 62 – 631
Plum Crazy - 224 - 40 – 264
Destroyer Grey - 240 - 24 – 264
Go Mango - 222 - 30 – 252
White Knuckle - 183 - 18 – 201
Octane Red - 161 - 13 – 174
B5 Blue - 135 - 13 – 148
F8 Green - 122 - 12 – 134
Yellow Jacket - 124 - 8 – 132
Redline Red - 122 - 0 – 122
Indigo Blue - 96 - 1 – 97
Billet - 84 - 4 – 88
Granite - 81 - 6 – 87
Maximum Steel - 30 - 2 – 32

Demon Options

Next, PLMCRZY breaks down the take rates for each of the 2018 Dodge Demon’s options. Only 19% of American buyers opted for the crazy-expensive sunroof, but in Canada, where the option as much less expensive, 52% of buyers added the glass roof panel. About 25% of buyers got the full black satin graphics package (800 in the US, 41 in Canada) while 19% went with just the black hood (493 US, 132 Canada).

On the inside, the premium options were popular with Demon buyers. 79% of buyers (2,602 units) got the Comfort Audio Group with leather and among those who didn’t get the audio package, 505 added the leather seating package. Based on those numbers, only around 200 Demons came with cloth seats and of all of those cars with leather seats, a whopping 86% went with the leather and Alcantara combo with the Demon logo stamped on the seatback. The Demon interior was offered in black or black and Demonic Red, with black accounting for 92% of production (3,401).

The front passenger seat and rear seat each cost $1, so Tim Kuniskis expected strong take rates for both and he believed that there would be almost 100% take rate for the passenger seat. He wasn’t far off, as 99.5% of all Demons built had a passenger seat, leaving just 16 (14 US, 2 Canada) of the 3,315 produced with the single seat. The rear seat delete package was a bit more popular, with 16% of buyers (538 units) delivered without a back seat.

In other words, while many people freaked out about the idea of buying a street car without seats for passengers, almost all of the Demons have a passenger seat and most of them have a rear seat. Most of them also have upgraded audio package and overall, most of the options had strong take rates with the exception of the engine block heater and the pricy sunroof.