Dodge has rolled out the press release for the third 2018 Dodge Challenger SRT Demon video, showing more of the exterior design — and revealing that the new Demon will be the first ever regular-production, road-legal car to come with drag radial tires.

As expected after last week’s video, this week’s teaser confirms that this car has a widebody package. It will come with Nitto NT05R tires in the front and rear, all of which are 315mm wide (315/40R18). Those drag radials – again, the first ever to be factory-spec for a production road car in the US – are mounted on lightweight 18 inch by 11 inch wheels. When combined with the flared fenders, the Demon is 3.5 inches wider than the Challenger SRT Hellcat.

Dodge has two images from this week’s Demon teaser, one showing the car from the rear as it is sitting at the starting line of a drag strip, and another showing the Demon-branded Nitto tires. These tires were specifically designed for the Demon, with a unique rubber compound and construction, so they should work better than other drag radial tires on this monster Mopar muscle car.

The new Challenger Demon wide-body is laser clearanced, and the entire chassis is e-coated for durability before final assembly.

The newest teaser video, titled “Body,” launched this morning; it gives a close-up look at the new Demon doing a big, nasty burnout and leaving the minimal tread pattern of the NT05R on the pavement.