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JTE said:
I think it's accurate.

"And despite massive Washington incentives to push America’s market towards a greener, more European product mix, gasoline-powered sedans and trucks still make up nearly 97 percent of new vehicle purchases"
From The Detroit News

"So convinced was the Obama administration that Americans wanted electric, global warming-fighting vehicles that it invested millions in new battery and auto firms to make a new generation of green transport"
From The Detroit News:

The Fusion is very popular in my area, but I am very close to Dearborn, no tsunami effect here. You can't second guess the truck market, it's what people want.
Also, one company or entity cannot control a mass of people's perceptions. People have personal wants and desires, which when coupled with their perceived sense of need combine with the end result being a particular purchase. For some it's a Prius; for others it's a Pick-up; or in the case you state - a Fusion ( maybe even a Fusion Hybrid*).

{* - Note : Does anyone remember the SNL parody Ford commercial leveraging the Run-On problem Toyota was having? Punch Line : "Ford : We make Hybrids, too " }

Late Addition :

The article misses an important point, which I think should be included to touch on the greater story : Used Car sales 2007 to Present. Explore the balance between the two aspects of USA trends to date.
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