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Developing hood scoops for the drag racing Mopar Missile

story by Stewart Pomeroy; photos by Joe Pappas and Dick Oldfield, courtesy of Stewart Pomeroy

Many tests were done with hood scoops. It seems that nothing was too far out for consideration. Take, for example, the twin funnel design.

Land vehicle Vehicle Car Muscle car Coupé

Motor vehicle Windshield Vehicle Glass Car

Another design that was considered was side entry.

Motor vehicle Vehicle Automotive exterior

Vehicle Motor vehicle Automotive exterior Windshield Car

Glass Vehicle Windshield Vehicle door Automotive exterior

Vehicle Boat

Another, more improbably design was the rear entry hood scoop, where air actually entered from around the back. This must have been fairly promising given the number of variations made.

Roof Vehicle Black-and-white Glass Car

Motor vehicle Automotive exterior Vehicle Sport venue Car

Motor vehicle Vehicle Car Windshield Automotive exterior

Vehicle Car Automotive exterior

Black Black-and-white Water Roof Photography

Automotive exterior Vehicle Car

Finally, here is a picture of the Mopar Missile team actually building hood scoops for drag racing.

Photograph Snapshot Black-and-white Photography Stock photography

Drag Racers
Land vehicle Vehicle Car Muscle car Classic car

Drag Cars
Land vehicle Vehicle Car Motor vehicle Mid-size car

Mopar Missile,
Motown Missile

Chrysler 1904-2018

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