Ram Daily

According to Fred Diaz, a Ram version of the Iveco Daily , long held to be a “definite” plan, has actually not been confirmed internally. The Daily, which competes in Europe against Mercedes Sprinter, is capable of carrying over 9,000 pounds of payload, and has a 155 inch wheelbase with a 276 inch length (that compares with Sprinter’s 5,770 pound payload and maximum length of 289 inches).  The Daily van is now in its fourth generation, and is sold in cargo and passenger vans, and both regular and crew cab chassis-cab models. Engine choices for European Dailys are 2.3 and 3.0 liter four-cylinder diesels; a Ram version would likely be sold with the 3-liter four-cylinder and possibly a gasoline V6 engine.

The Daily was, according to rumor, to be heavily modified by Ram, so as to be more competitive in North America; it would be built in Mexico, avoiding the “chicken tax” on imported trucks, and sold in both North and South America. It would likely have numerous changes to be more suited to North American conditions and expectations. Daily would, along with a compact or mid-sized pickup, complete the Ram line so fleet buyers could satisfy practically all their needs with one call to one dealership; that is more likely more important to Ram than the incremental sales afforded by Daily.

Diaz told Allpar,
The Iveco Daily plays in Class 3 and 4. When you look at the size of the Class 1 market, that’s where the Doblo would place [and where Ram Cargo Van is], 37,000 [sales per year]. Class 2, that’s where the ProMaster’s playing, is at 175,000. Then 3 and 4 combine to 50,000 units. So obviously we want to play in [the Class 2] market first.

Sergio has mentioned that we’re bringing the Doblo, and we’re examining the business case to see if the Iveco Daily makes sense to bring to the Class 3 and 4 market. You’ve got to make sure you do it right, and you have what’s going to make those that are already in the market buying want to gravitate to us.