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Did Dodge Make A '65 D100 Mail Delivery Panel Truck?

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I think I've got one.

Years ago (6? 7?) I bought a truck off of an old kooky hippie I worked with at the time. He always seemed to have a shortage of money and a surplus of vintage cars in various stages of disrepair. Once in awhile we'd talk cars (I'm a Detroit native) and at the time I was driving a 1969 Newport to work once in awhile. Long story short, it came up that I was born into a Mopar family and have had a classic in the garage most of my life. One day he drove to work in an old Dodge panel truck and I had never seen one like it.

Less than a year later, I ended up buying it from him hoping to make it into a fun and unique project and figuring it's always useful to have a truck around. I was in college at the time, and unfortunately things always came up and the project has been shelved for years now with the truck becoming burried deeper and deeper in my garage.

I've come to you gurus to glean any knowledge I can about the truck, firstly because I want to start looking into getting the project going again and secondly because I can't find info any place else and I'm curious to know what it would even be worth.

It's a 1965 Dodge D100 Panel Truck, and it's right hand drive. It's currently got what looks like a slant six for a powerplant, and it's an automatic trans that has a shift handle on the dash just to the left of the steering wheel. It might be worth noting that it has side windows all the way back and small windows on the rear doors, which doesn't seem characteristic of a mail truck to me.

The door plates say:

Serial # 116 1511299
Chry RF36 (Code for the motor I'm guessing)
Chry A727 (Trans type I'm guessing)

S.O. No. 10120030 (No idea what this is)

I'd appreciate if anyone could shed light on this for me, or point me in the right direction. Decoding the VIN hasn't been particularly helpful, other than knowing it came stock with one of the slant six variants and that the truck was built in the Warren truck plant. I found it odd that one of the plates on the door denotes "This is the vehicle serial number" in English AND Spanish.
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It's probably a Town Wagon which is the term for one with windows, a Town Panel would be the windowless version. Dodge may have offered right hand drive to fleets or even to rural carriers who purchase their own vehicles (as they did with the Jeep Cherokee in the 90s'). You may find some info on sites like this of you googe for Dodge Town Wagon:

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I saw a 1954 Dodge 'Town Wagon' of eBay a few months ago and it too was RHD.

And the Town Panel/Wagon was built as late as 1966 at least here in the USA. RHD versions were also built/sold in South Africa. Now for weirder: a few of those SUV's in Canada were badged 'Fargo'. :)

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That IS weird.

I'm guessing mine was originally for rural postal use, I don't know how I'd find out for sure. Seems to me if that was the case it would have been a panel wagon instead of a town wagon though.

The guy I bought it from told me he got it from someone that used to drag race it, and he won a bunch of trophies because of the handicap he would get. Which leads me to believe that the slant six that's in there now has been well used and abused.
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