Toyota reported slightly smaller sales , and is no longer even in contention for #2 in minivan sales; however, the RAV4 beat 400,000 again, and both Camry and Corolla beat 300,000 for the year.  Toyota was the best-selling brand in retail sales in the U.S. for 2019, but they were only around 180,000 sales ahead of FCA for the year with both retail and fleet combined.

toyota corolla

GM reported 2.9 million sales in the United States for 2019, including its best year ever for crossovers—the second year it’s delivered over a million crossovers, and a gain of 12.7%. GM also sold more than one million pickups and SUVs, combined. Fleet sales fell by 25%, with heavy-duty pickups off by 17%. The company had a 22% fleet sale percentage for the year, similar to FCA’s.

GM pickups. The Silverado series hit 575,600 sales for the year, so Ram was clearly in second place (after Ford) with 633,694 pickup and chassis-cab sales (one magazine had a lower figure for GM, but that ignores 4,961 medium-duty sales; Ram’s figure also includes medium-duty chassis cabs).

That’s not the whole story, though. Ram has two series of 1500 pickups, DS and DT, one mainstream and one relatively high-end. So does GM, but their high-end pickups are dubbed GMC Sierra; and they sold 232,323 of those. GM’s total was 807,923, all told, which easily beats Ram.

The Colorado midsize pickup, oddly, was down by 9% to 122,304—still a success, but apparently hurt a bit by the Ford Ranger (Toyota Tacoma sales surged as well). At least the Challenger easily beat the Camaro.

GM other. Chevrolet dropped by 4% and Cadillac gained by 1% for the year, with Buick holding steady. GM’s biggest sellers, outside of the Silverado and Sierra, were the Equinox crossover, whose 346,048 sales didn’t quite hit the RAV4, but were well above any FCA SUV or crossover. The next up was the Traverse, and then, oddly, the Chevy Malibu, which, with 131,917 sales, easily beat the Charger and 300 combined.

2019 Chevrolet Silverado

Those wondering about how Jeep Wagoneers will fare may want to look at Escalade’s 35,424 sales (beating Land Cruiser, incidentally, by a factor of ten).

Ford is not expected to release sales until Monday.

Honda’s annual sales were 1.61 million for the year, and as usual were almost entirely retail; the company was up by 0.2% for the year, despite a 12% drop in December. Car sales dropped by 3% while truck/SUV sales rose by 3%. The once-#1 Accord slipped by 8%, to 267,567, falling well past the Camry but far ahead of any pair of FCA sedans/coupes. The Civic gained exactly 90 sales over the year to hit 325,650, and the CR-V gained 1% to 384,168. On the lighter side, Odyssey sales fell by 7%; it was the second-best selling minivan, after the Caravan but just ahead of the Pacifica.