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Differences between 87 and 88 Shelby Z?

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I'm curious - what are the (visual) differences, externally, between the 87 and 88 Daytonas?

All I have been able to find is:

If it's a T2 - the intake manifold is a 2 pc for 87, 1 pc for 88. - I read that the power curve is different; the 2 piece peaks out at lower RPM.
The steering wheel is different.

But as far as external items, I don't know of any. (other than 'stampings' - my tail lights have 1987 stamped/molded markings). (Car is 88)

As far as I know the chin/spoiler on the Shelby Z's are identical - and the only 2 years for that style.

Did both years have the "Shelby Z" above the drivers door handle? (Mine has it on drivers side only - were they ever on both?).

I think both had the 15x6.5" crabs...
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I don't think the '87 Shelby was a T1 so it has the two piece intake. IIRC, that's the only year it was offered. The power curve may be different but it's a PITA. The one piece can be made to behave the same way and seems to be a better solution for many regarding intakes. I have an '86 Turbo Z C/S which I converted to the one piece intake and '87 T2 computer. It seems to be so much easier to work on/around and behaves really well. Pictures link in my signature.

The tail lights were molded in '87 and used for several years. I know that in years past you could tell the year of the car (most of the time) from the date molded in the tail lights. But when Chrysler used the same lenses for year after year they didn't change the moldings.

Not sure about 'Shelby Z' on the door handles or if the '88 had crabs. I think they did. I know the crabs started with the Turbo Z in '86 and I've seen them through '88 at least.

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Yes, both years had 6.5" crab rims.

In 87 the auto got the T1 log motor while in 88 the T1 was the 2.2 with the 1 pc intake. This changed to a 2.5 in 89.
88 was the 1st year for roller cams.
87 had the logic module still and 88 has SMEC electronics. So there are a lot of wiring changes.
As you mentioned the 87 had the older steering wheel.

I don't know of any external differences other then colour changes. Both years had the ShelbyZ above the door handle on both sides.

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Thanks for the info, sirs.

I find it a bit interesting - seems most of the time there are at least a few external changes between years - color options were different.

Here's a read - it indicates the T1 was standard (in 87) - with the 5 speed - I believe that is incorrect - was that ever an option?

Another read with data displayed in tables -

If their data is correct - the 87 TII achieved peak HP sooner than 88, and torque later.

I think the only options mine doesn't have is the T-Top+CD player. Missing the storage bag for sunroof - and the 'Shelby Z' on passenger door.

I also think it's interesting - in 89 - the rear bumper changed - 'wake diffuser' - which looked like the 87/88 chin spoiler..

I do like the hand brake in the newer models.
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