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DIY Oil sensor swap

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Oil Pressure Sender DIY

I googled this work and those pro’s used a lift for this and were able to stand up and reach in which doesn’t work so good when I laid under the car. So I used a different approach while standing with the hood open.

First I got the filter assembly and battery out of my way. Then I loosened/removed the 2 bolts holding the fuse blocker block and wedged it out down and out of my way.

Peeking behind the engine, you can see the connector which has a red lock tab that has to be pushed into the connector only then can the thumb tab can be levered and the connector pulled directly rearward.

I had to use a flex-joint on the 27mm socket to allow me to get my shorty ratchet in place which meant it was harder to get the sensor loose. I wrapped the new sensor with 1 wrap of thread tape and reversed the above. Remembering to flick the red lock tab back on the connector after it snaps into position.

Since my battery was pulled, my #0522 Check Engine Light (CEL) no longer was registered in the fault memory of the engine’s computer.

I have some pictures of this work, feel free to contact me if you need visual re-enforcement.

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If that's a 1-wire sensor, not a good idea to wrap the threads. They serve as the ground connection, and wrapping them will partially or totally isolate the ground connection, throwing off the sensor reading. Oil pressure sensors are tapered and are made to screw in tightly enough to prevent leaks.
Hi Bob, if you read carefully enuff you would have seen this "I wrapped the new sensor with 1 wrap of thread tape".

Is that Avatar picture the Daytona Turbo from years ago?
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