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Do I need new motor mounts? Shop says all are broken. 1998 2.5 serbrin

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Hey ya'll. Went to have front end aligned yesterday. Cheapest place in town. Go to pick up the car, 98 Chrysler Sebring with the 2.5 v6, and they say trans mounts and motor mounts are all broken. Im sure something must be broke or I dont think they'd say that but, all 4 motor mounts? And all of the trans mounts as well? They wanted me to leave it and for 5 or 6 hundred bucks they'd replace em all. 1st I worry when people work on the motor because its a motor that usually needs several things removed to get to anything. So I fear shortcuts from people. Rather do it myself. But I didnt have a clue any mounts were broken. No engine movement or vibration or anything that would make me think any of the mounts were broke, much less all of em. So heres my problem. How do I check them? And if theyre broken, how hard is it to replace them? Any crazy or untypical thing need to be done when changing? Any order you go through? Just need help with any information I can get. THANKS!!
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ok. so shop probably didnt try to scam anybody. In Columbia you run across some shops that still try some of them same ol tricks. So check em by prying with large pry bar. If rubber is dry rotted, settled or deteriorated, does that mean I should get new ones. What do I look for while gently prying? The motor raising up or something? Id hate to buy those new and didnt need em. I assume I shouldnt use used ones? Be nice if I could.
Thanks a lot for each and every reply. Im getting a set of mounts for the motor tomorrow and will let ya'll know how the installation went and how the old ones look. Im not sure about the transmission mounts. Prob have to put car on ramps and do those as well. But, I'll certainly let ya'll know how motor mount job works work out. Again, thanks for the replies!
1 - 3 of 8 Posts
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