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Dodge was the 10th most search auto brand in the United States for 2017. It was the only FCA brand in the top ten. The peak time Dodge was searched was April 9-15, 2017. If you don't like statistics, ignore this whole topic. Note all these stats are from Google search only and doesn't take into account Bing and Yahoo or whatever else people use. Remember Ask Jeeves? Ha ha.

The top searches under the Dodge umbrella were....
1. Charger (Maybe included Hellcat too)
2. Challenger (Maybe included Hellcat too)
3. Dodge Grand Caravan
4. Durango
5. Dodge Demon
6. Dodge Journey
7. Dart
8. SRT

(I could not find Viper listed)

The top five states that searched for Dodge in 2017 were... (This is bias because states with more population had a lesser chance of their vote meaning as much as states with less people, so maybe this isn't an accurate stat to share)

1. Iowa
2. Kansas
3. Nebraska
4. Wyoming
5. Idaho

The top five states that LEAST searched Dodge were

46. Maryland
47. New Jersey
48. Rhode Island
49. Hawaii
50. New York

Dodge was not in the top ten this time in 2016, nor was any FCA brand.

And for a fun bonus I decided to search CHRYSLER data. The top five searches for Chrysler by vehicle were...

1. Chrysler Pacifica (up 2,000%)
2. Chrysler 200 (up 700%)
3. Chrysler 300
4. 2017 Chrysler 300S
5. 2017 Chrysler 200

Some searches just outside of the top five were "Chrysler Pacifica hybrid" and " used Chrysler Pacifica" which are telling for the brands new van in a positive way.

States that most searched Chrysler were... (Something must be going on in the Dakota's)

1. Michigan
2. South Dakota
3. North Dakota
4. Indiana
5. Ohio

And least were...

46. New Jersey
47. California
48. Rhode Island
49. Connecticut
50. Massachusetts

What about JEEP in the US? Here are the top five searches under Jeep.

1. Jeep Compass
2. Jeep Wrangler Unlimited
3. Jeep Wrangler
4. Jeep Cherokee
5. Jeep Grand Cherokee
6. Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk

Top states searching for Jeep...

1. West Virginia
2. Colorado
3. Michigan
4. Wyoming
5. Tennessee

States least looking up Jeep.

46. Iowa
47. Maryland
48. Minnesota
49. Hawaii
50. California

And lastly of the FCA brands the most searched for 2017 in the US are as follows.

1. Dodge
2. Jeep
3. Chrysler
4. Fiat
5. Alfa Romeo

If I make it worldwide the results are...

1. Jeep
2. Dodge
3. Fiat
4. Chrysler
5. Alfa Romeo

And incase you were wondering what the top searched brands for 2017 were...

1. Ford
2. Lexus
3. Kia
4. Toyota
5. Honda
6. Buick
7. Acura
8. Tesla
9. Hyundai
10. Dodge

So there ya go. Yes I question the validity of some of these statistics, but hey, it's something at least. Merry Christmas folks. :) Source

Honda in Texas? WTH? Mitsubishi in Alaska? Uh..... Smart in Maine?

Okay, a lot of bizarre choices. Benz in Florida totally makes sense due to the average age of people down here (tons of retirees).
I expected the large amount of Honda searches -- I'm a little shocked by the poor showing by Toyota. Considering how large
a company they are worldwide, I expected a better showing.

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Who was sampled? Laid off FCA employees...?

State of Manufacturing appears to have some correlation on that chart: Toyota in KY, Honda in OH, BMW in SC, Nissan in TN, etc.

This is a good example of research reaching the wrong conclusions.

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I'm from Kentucky, and it being the only state to search Toyota the most (surprisingly), I venture to say that it's because of our plant in Georgetown. It's the largest Toyota plant in the world, and many people search it for job opportunities.
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