If you take your Dodge out to the strip, you may be interested in the latest “ Dodge Garage ” addition, the 1320 Club... oh, you also have to live in the US or Canada and have a 21st-century Dodge Challenger or Charger (sorry, Magnum SRT and classic-muscle owners).

Scat Pack 1320 Burnout Rear

The Club would be “just in time for the Hellephant,” but since that engine’s only for pre-1976 cars and this is only for the post-20th-century cars ...

What makes the 1320 Club unique is not the ability to make a profile of the car, but showing vetted-by-Dodge time slips. Members can comment on entries, see racing news, find new drag strips, and “earn digital achievement badges” (physical decals of those badges will be on sale, in gray for stock classes and red for modified classes).  The badges are for quarter-mile ETs from 8.0 to 13.9 seconds; 0-60 foot times from 1.4 to 2.0 seconds; and top speeds from 105 to 170 mph. Those who buy a decal get a club hat.

Time slips have to be provided both by entering the data from the slip, and by uploading two photos — one of the slip by itself, and one above the car’s VIN tag. They won't show until someone from Dodge approves them, adding some credibility to the process.