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I'll be so torn if the red isn't actually metallic, because that Blue Steele looks pretty good too.

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As Stellantis won't offer 20 colors in one production line:

Hot Tamale = Alfa Rosso (Red) = solid, as on Giulia/Stelvio and every other Alfa of the last decades
Q Ball = Alfa White = solid, as on Giulia/Stelvio
Blu Bayou = Misano Blue = metallic, as on Giulia/Stelvio
Gray Cray = Vesuvio Gray, metallic, as on Giulia/Stelvio
Blue Steele = Dodge exclusive until now, as on live presentation
8 Ball = Alfa Black, solid
Acapulco Gold = most likely Ocre GT, as on Giulia/Stelvio. Expect it to appear on Tonale as well.

Green might come for Hornet as well = Verde (Green) Montreal = metallic, as on Giulia/Stelvio
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