There is no question that Dodge does a better job of promoting their performance vehicles on social media than any other automaker, but Valentine’s Day might be the best example.
For the past three years now, Dodge has issued a short video celebrating Valentine’s Day with a pair of muscle cars doing burnouts. We have included the videos for 2018, 2019 and 2020 here and they may have had similar videos in years prior; these three all came across my feed this morning.

Many automakers make fun videos for their fans to share on Thanksgiving, Halloween, New Years Day and other national holidays, but the folks at Dodge will use any holiday as a good reason to make a video of their cars doing burnouts. Those videos all go viral and then spend years floating around the internet, resurfacing each year.

For example, I didn’t go looking for the Valentine’s Day video from Dodge from 2018 – friends on Facebook shared it. The same is true of the 2019 YouTube video and, of course, the 2020 Facebook video, all of which are shown here.
Dodge creates these videos and for years after, people are sharing them on Facebook and other social networks. Some people might not get the allure of two cars doing burnouts in tandem, but those people probably aren't thinking about buying a high performance car, so it doesn’t matter that they don’t see the allure. Those who do see the fun in these videos share them with friends who also enjoy them, who then continue sharing them with others. It really is a brilliant move on the part of the Dodge marketing people, as these videos effectively allow fans of the brand to advertise the brand on social media.

More importantly, these videos show that Dodge is clearly focused on the people who are going to buy powerful rear-drive machines (and some AWD models, of course). Dodge is focused on high performance and with their social media marketing, they are targeting those of us who love high performance machines. If you visit the “Videos” section of the official Dodge Facebook page, the still image from the first four videos shows a Charger or Challenger smoking the tires.
For comparison, the Chevrolet Facebook page Video section has a Valentine’s Day clip featuring each of their vehicles sitting still, along with a few other “traditional commercials”. The Ford Facebook page video section is topped by four videos of a four-door electric SUV called they're calling a Mustang. Chevrolet and Ford clearly aren’t worried about appealing to gearheads on social media while Dodge reminds us that the brand is all about big power and high performance.

Most importantly, even if you don't care at all about Valentine's Day, if you love muscle cars and/or burnouts, you are still likely to enjoy and share these videos.

In short, Dodge is killing it in the social media world when it comes to appealing to their target audience.