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Dodge Challenger Production, Total and by Specialty Color, and US Sales

Production by specialty color were released in August 2015. Allpar has added US sales and production by year as reported by Chrysler from 2007 onwards, as well as figures for the original 1970-74 Dodge Challenger.

Land vehicle Vehicle Car Grille Automotive exterior

2008Hemi OrangePLCSRT84,092
2009Hemi OrangePLCR/T, SRT86,029
B5 BluePQDR/T Classic, SRT81,419
2010Hemi OrangePLCR/T, SRT83,514
Plum CrazyPHGR/T Classic, SRT82,741
B5 BluePQDR/T Classic, SRT82,031
Furious FuchsiaPHPR/T Classic, SRT81,527
Detonator YellowPYBR/T Classic, SRT81,483
Brilliant BlackPXRMopar '10601
2011Deep Water BluePBSSRT8 392 Inaugural Edition863
Bright WhitePW7SRT8 392 Inaugural Edition731
Green with EnvyPGER/T Classic, SRT81,532
Toxic OrangePVGAll4,683
2012Header OrangePL4SXT, R/T and SRT82,225
Blue StreakPCLAll2,154
Stinger YellowPYVR/T Classic, SRT Superbee1,819
2013Plum CrazyPHGR/T Classic, SRT1,769
Hemi OrangePLCR/T, SRT1,103
TorRedPR3R/T, SRT377
2014Plum CrazyPHGR/T Classic/Shaker, SRT1,320
Header OrangePL4All3,178
High Octane RedPRR100th Anniversary Edition1,715
Pitch BlackPX8Mopar '14 Shaker60
Bright WhitePW7Mopar '14 Shaker51
B5 BluePQDAll3,152

The total of limited-edition colors: 79,461.

* Model year; for 2015, through 7/31/2015

** PlmCrzy wrote, "My B5 and Hemi Orange totals match exactly the Dodge 2009 totals released today. (Your current chart is over 1,360 short of the "official" totals released today for the three 2009 high impact colors, so I think my suspicion is correct.) My TorRed total is 26 greater than FCA's. I've seen errors before from FCA's quotes. I'm not sure where they are going wrong. I have valid VINs and build sheets for all of my totals."

Kaine Beedenbender asked Chrysler how many Challenger R/Ts were ordered with the Redline package, and was told that the numbers were 615 in 2013, and 1,059 in 2014.

More details on 2008-2009 Dodge Challengers

For 2008, 7,051 Dodge Challengers (all SRT8 models) were built for North America: 6,400 for the US, 500 for Canada, 151 for Mexico. 4,137 were orange, 2,207 were black, and 708 were silver.

Land vehicle Vehicle Car Muscle car Dodge challenger

SE is LCDH22, R/T is LCDP22, SRT8 is LCDX22. Some of these colors (e.g. B5 Blue) were not generally available or were only available for part of the year. Hemi Orange and B5 Blue were not available on Challenger SE. The four-speed automatic was dropped for the 2010 model year. Thanks to Mike V. for providing this information.

2009 Challengers 4-Speed5-Speed Automatic 6-Speed Manual Total
Color SE SER/TSRT8 Total R/TSRT8Total
Deep Water Blue 951 3898 901 450 450 2,302
Dark Titanium 670 497 497 208 208 1,375
Hemi Orange 1,8211,5073,328 1,1231,2172,340 5,668
B5 Blue 27983362 244153397 759
TorRed 1157 1,1707841,954 5866371,223 4,334
Inferno Red 993 2764 766 330 330 2,089
Bright Silver 1017 18086201,429 297351648 3,094
Stone White 782 1857 858 463 463 2,103
Brillant Black 2452 22,6021,7264,330 1,4861,5082,994 9,556
8022 99,6964,72014,425 5,1873,8669,053 31,500

Total by model: 8,031 Challenger SE; 14,883 Challenger R/T; 8,586 SRT8.

PlumCrazy provided a chart he said was updated to include the full model year's production, and which is somewhat more detailed. (All 21st century Challengers were made in Canada.)

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Total Dodge Challenger production and US sales

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1970, the first full year for the original Dodge Challenger, set the bar that no Challenger has reached since, with 54,054 sold. The car was, at that time, a failure, given that production was expected to be much higher, and it sat on its own unique body and platform (the latter shared with the new Plymouth Barracuda). Now, original Challengers and Chargers are prized, and pricey.

Cal. YearUS ProductionUS Sales Cal. YearProductionUS Sales
197128,901not avail200932,60025,852
197227,770not avail201040,04236,791

* US production for 1969-74

See Dodge Charger production by color

Chrysler 1904-2018

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