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Dodge, Chrysler, and Plymouth ARCA Wins

Thanks to Robert Gardetto (MoparBob)
and Jennifer Harrington

In 1953, John Marcum created the Midwest Association for Race Cars (MARC). A former NASCAR official, Marcum had raced open-wheel roadsters against NASCAR creator Bill France Sr. in the 1940s.

In 1964, France asked Marcum if he would like his series to be a part of the Daytona Speedweeks. The group's name was accordingly changed from MARC to the Automobile Racing Club of America (ARCA).

Land vehicle Vehicle Car Motorsport Stock car racing

Dodge Daytonas and Plymouth Superbirds were raced in ARCA during the 1970s; Plymouth claimed two championships in the 1970s.

When Chrysler officially returned to ARCA racing in 1989, they developed a racing engine based on the trucks' 318/360 cid "LA" series V8s. The 355-cubic-inch engines, built by Arrow Racing Engines, were reliable and powerful, with the original setup having W-2 or W-5 Mopar heads, Diamond pistons, Keith Black crankshaft, and a modified Holley carburetor. (See our ARCA LeBaron page for more details.)

Land vehicle Vehicle Car Coupé Racing

During the early 1990s, drivers such as Bob Keselowski, Ron Otto, and Jerry Churchill raced Chrysler LeBarons; Bob Keselowski was particularly successful. Next, Robbie Pyle and Roger Blackstock drove Dodge Avenger-bodied race cars, powered by the 355 V8, in the later 1990s. They later switched to Dodge Intrepids.

ARCA and NASCAR still schedule events at the same tracks, such as Daytona, Talladega, and Charlotte, on the same weekends. ARCA also holds races at smaller tracks. (See our exclusive interview with Dodge ARCA drivers Tom Hessert and Austin Wayne Self)

Dodge Victories

7/3/1953Iggy KatonaButler Speedway200N/A
9/21/1957Roy GemberlingCanfield Speedway100dirt
8/27/1961Bob JamesHeidelberg Raceway500dirt
10/8/1961Kenny ReederCloverleaf Speedway200paved
3/22/1964Ernie DerrJoseph F. Meyer Speedway200paved
6/5/1966Butch HartmanSalem Speedway100paved
6/18/1966Iggy KatonaCloverleaf Speedway100paved
7/4/1966Les SnowToledo Speedway100paved
9/5/1966Les SnowToledo Speedway100paved
10/2/1966Iggy KatonaDayton Speedway200paved
2/12/1967Les SnowDaytona 63paved
3/30/1967Les SnowLonghorn Speedway100paved
3/31/1967Les SnowPan-American Speedway100paved
4/1/1967Les SnowCorpus Christi Speedway100paved
4/2/1967Iggy KatonaJoseph F. Meyer Speedway200paved
4/30/1967Iggy KatonaToledo Speedway100paved
5/29/1967Iggy KatonaLorain County Speedway100
7/15/1967Iggy KatonaAnderson Speedway500
8/13/1967Jay WyattNorthern Kentucky/
Florence Speedway
8/20/1967Les SnowSalem Speedway100paved
9/4/1967Andy HamptonToledo Speedway100paved
2/18/1968Andy HamptonDaytona 120paved
3/20/1968Iggy KatonaCorpus Christi Speedway100paved
5/18/1968Andy HamptonMusic City Motorplex200paved
5/29/1968Andy HamptonBerlin Raceway100dirt
6/23/1968Iggy KatonaNorthern Kentucky/
Florence Speedway
7/6/1968Iggy KatonaBeaver Valley Speedway100N/A
7/28/1968Andy HamptonBaer Field Raceway100paved
8/18/1968Andy HamptonMorehead Speedway100N/A
8/24/1968Andy HamptonAnderson Speedway500
10/5/1968Iggy KatonaTaylor County Speedway100dirt/clay
11/17/1968Bobby WatsonBristol Motor Speedway211paved
4/20/1969Bobby WatsonFairgrounds Motor Speedway100paved
5/10/1969Andy HamptonMusic City Motorplex200paved
5/30/1969Bobby WatsonPocono Raceway200paved
6/8/1969Andy HamptonSalem Speedway100
7/5/1969Bobby WatsonSalyersville Speedway100N/A
8/10/1969Bobby WatsonFairgrounds Motor Speedway500paved
8/30/1969Bobby WatsonFlat Rock Speedway100paved
9/1/1969Bobby WatsonLorain County Speedway100
10/26/1969Jim VandiverTalladega Superspeedway500paved
4/26/1970Bobby WatsonToledo Speedway50paved
5/30/1970Andy HamptonLorain County Speedway50
5/31/1970Iggy KatonaSharon Speedway50
7/4/1970Andy HamptonLorain County Speedway50
7/19/1970Iggy KatonaTrumbull County Speedway1001/4 mile
8/29/1970Andy HamptonFlat Rock Speedway100paved
9/13/1970Iggy KatonaSalem Speedway100paved
2/7/1971Iggy KatonaDaytona 120paved
5/8/1971Kenny ReiterFairgrounds Motor Speedway100paved
Dodge pulls all manufacturer support from its teams and leaves ARCA.
Individual teams race Dodges until 1980.
2/10/1974Iggy KatonaDaytona 80paved
5/3/1975Jim VandiverTalladega Speedway80
5/1/1976Johnny HalfordTalladega Speedway80paved
5/16/1976Butch HartmanTri-County Speedway100paved
2/13/1977Woody FisherDaytona 80paved
2/12/1978Jim SauterDaytona 80paved
2/11/1979Kyle PettyDaytona 80paved
Dodge pulls out of all stock-car racing until 1999.
7/30/1999Robbie PyleKil-Kare SpeedwayN/Apaved
* First win by Dodge in ARCA in 20 1/2 years.
* Full-time support from Dodge returns to ARCA since 1971 in 2002.
6/15/2002Chad BlountMichigan 100paved
7/12/2002Chad BlountKentucky Speedway134paved
7/27/2002Casey AtwoodPocono Raceway80paved
9/7/2002Chad BlountChicagoland Speedway134paved
10/11/2002Chad BlountCharlotte Motor Speedway67paved
4/27/2003Shelby HowardSalem Speedway200paved
6/1/2003Shelby HowardKansas Speedway134paved
6/14/2003Casey MearsMichigan 100paved
7/25/2003Casey MearsPocono Raceway80paved
7/26/2003Casey MearsPocono Raceway80paved
9/13/2003Shelby HowardSalem Speedway204paved
5/8/2004Ryan HemphillKentucky Speedway137paved
5/15/2005Chuck ShaferNevada Open Road Challenge(90 mi)paved
5/27/2004Ryan HemphillCharlotte Motor Speedway73paved
6/5/2004Ryan HemphillKansas Speedway79 paved
6/19/2004Reed SorensonMichigan 100paved
7/9/2004Ryan HemphillKentucky Speedway67paved
7/16/2004Ryan HemphillGateway Raceway120
7/31/2004Ryan HemphillPocono Raceway80paved
8/14/2004Joey MillerNashville Superspeedway151
6/11/2005Travis KvapilPocono Raceway80
7/16/2005Joey MillerBerlin Raceway202
7/29/2005Joey MillerGateway Raceway120
8/13/2005Joey MillerNashville Superspeedway151paved
8/19/2005Steven WallaceMichigan 106paved
9/10/2005Dawayne BryanChicagoland Speedway138paved
9/17/2005Joey MillerSalem Speedway213paved
5/13/2006Steven WallaceKentucky Speedway103paved
6/10/2006Chase MillerPocono Raceway88paved
6/16/2006David StremmeMichigan 100paved
7/15/2006Brian KeselowskiBerlin Raceway200
7/28/2006Cale GaleGateway Raceway142
8/27/2006Phil BozellThe Milwaukee Mile200paved
9/9/2006Steven WallaceChicagoland Speedway134paved
9/16/2006Blake BjorklundSalem Speedway200paved
10/15/2006Steven WallaceIowa Speedway250paved
3/24/2007James BuescherUSA 253
4/22/2007Brian KeselowskiSalem Speedway200paved
4/27/2007Scott Lagasse Jr.Kansas Speedway100paved
5/20/2007Ken Butler IIIToledo Speedway200paved
6/9/2007Chad McCumbeePocono Raceway80paved
7/7/2007Brian KeselowskiBerlin Raceway200
7/13/2007Michael McDowellKentucky Speedway100paved
8/4/2007Michael McDowellPocono Raceway80paved
8/31/2007Bryan ClausonGateway Raceway120
9/8/2007Michael McDowellChicagoland Speedway134paved
10/14/2007Michael McDowellToledo Speedway200paved
4/19/2008Matt HawkinsIowa Speedway250
6/14/2008Justin LoftonMichigan 100paved
4/5/2009Patrick SheltraSalem Speedway200paved
5/17/2009Parker KligermanToledo Speedway205paved
6/12/2009Parker KligermanMichigan 100paved
6/20/2009Parker KligermanMansfield Motorsports Park202paved
7/11/2009Parker KligermanIowa Speedway200
7/18/2009Parker KligermanKentucky Speedway100paved
8/23/2009Parker KligermanIllinois State Fairgrounds103
9/7/2009Parker KligermanDuQuoin State Fairgrounds100
9/13/2009Patrick LongNew Jersey Motorsports Park67road course
10/1/2009Parker KligermanKansas Speedway103paved
10/11/2009Parker KligermanNorth Carolina Motor Speedway200paved
2/27/2010Justin MarksPalm Beach Raceway70road course
4/23/2010Dakoda ArmstrongTalladega Superspeedway94paved
7/10/2010Tom Hessert IIIIowa Speedway200
7/31/2010Robb BrentPocono Raceway50paved
8/15/2010Casey RoderickNew Jersey Motorsports Park67road course
8/22/2010Patrick SheltraIllinois State Fairgrounds106
9/18/2010Dakoda ArmstrongSalem Speedway200paved
5/22/2011Andrew RangerNew Jersey Motorsports Park67road course
6/25/2011Dakoda ArmstrongWinchester Speedway200
7/9/2011Matt MerrellBerlin Raceway200
4/29/2012Alex BowmanSalem Speedway200paved
6/24/2012Alex BowmanWinchester Speedway200
7/1/2012Andrew RangerNew Jersey Motorsports Park67road course
7/13/2013Alex BowmanIowa Speedway200

Land vehicle Vehicle Car Coupé Racing

Chrysler (LeBaron) Victories

DateDriverTrackLapsTrack Length
4/8/1990Jerry ChurchillKil-Kare Speedway143paved
7/20/1991Bob KeselowskiPocono Raceway60paved
6/20/1992Bob KeselowskiMichigan 100paved
6/28/1992Bob KeselowskiKil-Kare Speedway150paved
7/12/1992Bob KeselowskiDelaware Speedway250paved
7/18/1992Bob KeselowskiPocono Raceway60paved
8/22/1993Bob KeselowskiIllinois State Fairgrounds100dirt

Badge Emblem Logo Symbol Vehicle

Plymouth Victories

DateDriverTrackLapsTrack Length
6/24/1954Bob WelbornSportsman Park100paved
5/5/1956Pat KirkwoodOhio State Fairgrounds100dirt
5/12/1956Pat KirkwoodAnderson Speedway100paved
3/31/1957Hershel WhiteLakewood Speedway100dirt
4/28/1957Hershel WhiteToledo Raceway Park100dirt
5/5/1957Gober SosebeeSpeedway Park200dirt
9/17/1961Kenny ReederCanfield Speedway300dirt
10/8/1961Kenny ReederCloverleaf Speedway200paved
10/20/1963Jim Cushman Raceway Park400paved
2/8/1964Earl BalmerDaytona 400paved
3/20/1964Earl BalmerPan American Speedway100paved
3/21/1964Earl BalmerCorpus Christi Speedway100paved
5/29/1964Earl BalmerCanfield SpeedwayN/Adirt
5/1/1965Iggy KatonaClark County Fairgrounds100dirt
5/30/1965Iggy KatonaHagerstown Speedway100dirt
6/11/1965Iggy KatonaAnderson Speedway100paved
3/24/1966Charlie GlotzbachLonghorn Speedway100paved
3/25/1966Charlie GlotzbachPan American Speedway100paved
3/27/1966Iggy KatonaJoseph F. Meyer Speedway200paved
4/10/1966Jack PurcellFairgrounds Motor Speedway100paved
5/1/1966Iggy KatonaToledo Speedway100paved
7/4/1966Les SnowToledo Speedway100paved
7/31/1966Les SnowSandusky Speedway200paved
2/12/1967Neil CastlesDaytona 100paved
2/19/1967Ralph LathamDaytona 100paved
3/24/1968Les SnowJoseph F. Meyer Speedway200paved
4/7/1968Les SnowFlorence Speedway100dirt
5/25/1968Les SnowKnoxville Speedway100N/A
5/30/1968Les SnowAuto City Speedway100paved
6/9/1968Les SnowSalem Speedway100paved
8/10/1968Les SnowColumbus Motor Speedway100paved
9/22/1968Les SnowRichie County Speedway100dirt
4/13/1969Les SnowSalem Speedway100paved
5/18/1969Ramo StottBristol Motor Speedway412paved
6/15/1969Ramo StottClay City Speedway100paved
6/20/1969Ramo StottBroadway Speedway100dirt
7/6/1969Les SnowRichmond Raceway100dirt
7/12/1969Ramo StottSouth Bend Motor Speedway100paved
8/16/1969Ramo StottClark County Fairgrounds50dirt
8/24/1969Ramo Stott Raceway Park300paved
9/7/1969Ramo StottSalem Speedway500paved
9/21/1969Ramo StottDayton Speedway500paved
2/15/1970Ramo StottDaytona 120paved
4/11/1970Ramo StottTalladega Superspeedway50paved
4/18/1970Ramo StottTri-County Speedway100paved
5/24/1970Ramo StottDayton Speedway500paved
6/14/1970Ramo StottTalladega Superspeedway188paved
7/3/1970Ramo StottBerlin Raceway200dirt
7/25/1970Ramo StottGolden Sands Speedway100paved
7/26/1970Ramo StottMadison 100paved
10/11/1970Ramo StottSalem Speedway500paved
4/4/1971Ramo StottSalem Speedway100paved
5/15/1971Ramo StottMusic City Motorplex200paved
5/23/1971Ramo StottTri-County Speedway500paved
6/19/1971Ramo StottIndianapolis Raceway Park100paved
8/7/1971Ramo StottBaer Field Speedway100paved
8/28/1971Ramo StottFlat Rock Speedway100paved
9/5/1971Ramo StottToledo Speedway100paved
9/12/1971Ramo StottNew Bremen Speedway500dirt
10/17/1971Ramo StottSalem Speedway500paved
2/9/1975Ron HutchersonDaytona 80paved
8/31/1975Woody FisherToledo Speedway100paved
6/9/1979Jim CushmanFlat Rock Speedway100paved

Chrysler 1904-2018

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