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Dodge Dakota 5 speed transmission

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What year(s) of 2 wheel drive Dodge Dakota V6 Engine equipped 5 speed manual transmission will bolt to a V8 bellhousing . I have a stock 318 V8 that I am installing in an older Mopar streetrod and would like the 5 speed economy .
Have found a couple V6 2 wheel drive Dakotas with good transmissions.

Any help would be appreciated .
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Any 5 speed behind a 3.9 V6 will bolt up to a 318 V8. Whether it will handle the power or not is another issue.

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Since he is saying economy vice power, it should last well. As a side note, the V8 4spd transmission is a heavier duty beefed up unit, but they are the same physical outside dimensions and should handle about 300hp and equivalent torque without difficulty.
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