FCA US’s design team was at this weekend’s LX Springfest, which celebrates the company’s modern big cars, to get input on new colors from Mopar enthusiasts.

Dodge color models

The gold 392 T/A was an obvious testbed, but a more systematic process was being used to sort through other color ideas — some of which seem to mostly be new words for colors that are close to existing hues.

color ballot

The ballots included a list of sixteen colors (shown above), some of which had aggressive names befitting the new Dodge. Randomly selected voters were rewarded with Dodge posters.

Challenger models

The ballot image above doesn’t really get the full impact of the bright and deep colors — a welcome relief to the sea of black, silver, gray, and white that characterizes most brands’ production.


Robert S. Miller pointed out that the “Toe-Tag” color is aptly named — a rough match for the actual tags. Fortuno’s Gold is named after LX Springfest creator “FatChance,” John Fortuno.

toe tag
Photos are from FCA designers’ social media accounts.