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Dodge Goblin ????????

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Ah another sticker package for $20k
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It shouldn’t take much to certify what is essentially a Red Eye with a stage 3 kit and hellephant Supercharger (if it uses that) as it’s already available through Direct Connection (and with warranty). The price of this thing could offset the development just because it’s limited quantity. Talking ACR prices.

I read a very in depth article on what needs to be done for recertification, it is mind boggling. Hence the snap on flares for wide bodies.
Paperwork, new crash test data it was crazy. They are not making major changes at this point. Stickers and maybe something along the lines of the Demon. It is not going to be major. My.02.
Demon on E85 and a little extra boost ? Demon owners will be pissed they were outdone.
1 - 2 of 26 Posts