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Dodge Goblin ????????

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you really believe these kinds of videos? Its obvious that this last call isnt a Charger
I don't know about this.
Food for thought: Taking the business case approach, how many times have we been told that it's not economically feasible to have to test/recertify a limited production run vehicle? All the crap we've been seeing in these "hurry-up and dislocate your elbow reaching for your wallet" last call editions are mostly paint/trim re-combinations. I wouldn't trust this organization one bit in spending as little as possible to make really stupid people react in separating themselves from their money.
The upside (and hope) would be if we are seeing a truly significant change we would then expect to see a continuation of some sort based on the money spent on recertification. This again would be a vote against the marketeer manipulators because what we will be seeing soon as a Last Call really wouldn't be, would it?
It shouldn’t take much to certify what is essentially a Red Eye with a stage 3 kit and hellephant Supercharger (if it uses that) as it’s already available through Direct Connection (and with warranty). The price of this thing could offset the development just because it’s limited quantity. Talking ACR prices.
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Reminds me of the Durango SRT owners who are suing Dodge because Dodge said "we're only making X number of these" and to this day they are actually still making them. :LOL:
They did make a Limited Number of those..... for 2021 lol
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I’m betting this last “Last Call” is a drag strip special that isn’t street legal. It’s the only way a small run with a lot more power/performance makes sense. The cost of certification would be way too high. My guess is higher boost and the latest 140 mph clue is trap speed. Just my $.02
its street legal
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