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Hi all,
I am using dodge journey 2012
I need your help for an experimental study :)
I wanted to add another FOB to my car, my 2 fobs are working perfectly fine. I wanted to activate the remote start on my car and eventually I did by adding a button on one of my keys ,reprograming the key and enabling the option in the body control module.

so remote start works perfectly on one of my original fob key now.

Then I saw aftermarket keys on ebay already has 5 buttons on them and I ordered one for around 30 USD
FCC ID is same with original key
I did a research on internet immobiliser chip should be pcf7945 for this car and this is what I ordered.
When I receive the key I have seen F7945 on the chip. When I try to read the key with HİTAG 2 , I couldn't like unlike the original key.
I tried to pair this key with the car strange thing is car says it's has been paired. it locks and unlocks the doors even it's working for remote start. but when I enter the car it says no key has been dedected and I can not move the car. or can not start the car. but it locks and unlocks the doors.
so what I understand is wireless communication is ok but car didn't recognize the immobiliser on the key.
my original key has 53AA1756009 / CAH024 / Tnd12141 / 53A170 markings on the immobiliser chip.
f7945 is on the aftermarket chip. Strangely I read a lot of people buys from these online and works as expected. Couldn't find what is wrong with me?

When I search over the internet I also found the same FCC ID keys with PCF7953 chip but mine must be 7945 since hitag 2 says it's 7945 and even hitag2 doesn't work with pcf7953

my original chip reading in hitag 2 is below
IMG_20190514_183138.jpg (at )

aftermarket screenshot is like below
IMG_20190510_182521.jpg (at )

I hope I can find someone with immobiliser experience on these cars.
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