Dodge is leaving Australia, according to FCA Australia CEO Steve Zanlunghi, who took office around two months ago.  The Dodge Journey will be sold for the near future but then dropped.

Mr. Zanlunghi did say that they might still look at importing other Dodge vehicles, possibly including the “Dodge Ram,” in the future.  Currently, the Journey is the only Dodge sold in the country, despite the popularity of the old Valiant Charger (shown below).  The sole Chrysler in Australia is the 300, in standard and SRT forms.

FCA’s sales in Australia were rising fairly quickly, but recently plunged as currency changes took effect.  Dodge sold just 28 Journeys in August; Chrysler sold 34 300s, in contrast. Alfa Romeo actually outsold both (41).  Jeep is the sales leader for FCA, as usual, with 1,208 sales — but even Jeep was down 40%, troubled by a low-reliability image and dealership issues. Less expensive Jeeps imported from India may increase their popularity in the future; Australia currently sees the entire Jeep line. All of FCA’s sales combined don’t quite reach either of the two top-sellers — Toyota Corolla (3,554) and HiLux (3,311). Toyota’s sales were 18,560 for the month.

Australia is far closer to Japan and South Korea than to the United States, and has moved from almost entirely GM-Ford-Chrysler products to a heavy reliance on Asia-Pacifica cars and trucks.