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For myself, Dodge's return to NASCAR Cup competition in 2001 came at the perfect time to create a lifelong superfan. 10 years old, the son of Dodge Dealer, glued to the TV every weekend they were on track. Constantly filling sketch books with drawings of the Dodge Boys hotrods. Twenty years later, I'm doing the same thing, just digitally. That's why I wanted to share these concept designs with the Allpar community.

It's an absolute bummer and a total shame that "America's Performance Brand" has zero presence in America's top racing series. So I wanted to start a discussion. Next Gen is set to bring brand identity back to the sport and we'll find out what that means for the other three on May 5. Street car looks, lower costs, and general excitement around the future of the sport. It's a major opportunity, sitting right in front of us.

So, what would it take for a return to NASCAR? Who leads the charge this time? Besides Gilles and Trostle, who's Stellantis eyes do these need to get in front of? Lets get back to racing.



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