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Honestly though I don't believe we will ever see Dodge return to Nascar again. NASCAR has been actively courting pretty much every manufacturer out there for the better part of the last decade and there's no one willing to dump the money and resources into what would be required to build a competitive racing program today. The landscape of Nascar has changed dramatically since 2001 when Dodge reentered the sport. For starters, there are only four engine programs supplying the entire field. Chevy: Hendrick & ECR Engines, Toyota: TRD, and Ford: Roush/Yates. So for a new manufacturer, this goes way beyond signing some interested teams to come over to their banner. They'd have to build an entirely new engine program from scratch. That's tens of millions of dollars investment before you can even get started. And how much of that tech can be translated back to production cars? Probably zero given the industry is moving away from ICE and toward electric.

Second part is in 2001 Nascar's audience was HUGE and was expanding. Today's popularity is a shadow of that. In the last decade just about every track on the circuit has ripped out tens of thousands of seats and entire grandstands. For example: Las Vegas Motor Speedway went from a capacity of over 140,000 to now around 80,000. TV ratings are also a fraction of their former heyday. Also given that most of the sport's biggest names and stars have retired over the last 5 years and they've got a fan retention problem.

So frankly it's not a wonder no other manufacturer will touch Nascar. I'd much rather see Stellantis invest in strengthening the extremely thin product lines for Dodge and Chrysler than dump a pile of money into Nascar where the return on investment is dubious at best.
Ya we know your right .. but can't we still hope, or maybe something new to challenge NASCAR to there expensive ways could change things too, but it would have to be exciting new and fresh change.
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