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dodge ram 1500 looses power to electrics on the road

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this is a 2004 dodge ram 5.7 hemi that i have in spain imported from new jersey to england ,had this truck from about 6 mths old and it has been fantastic but of late i am getting a intermitant loss of electric which shuts down power steering /control panels and most everything, this is very daunting as it happens unanounced normally on slow down. I have to in motion shift into neutral then restart the ignition thwn its running again with full electrics. For a while it hasnt done it but friday it must have done it 20 times whilst on the road im really concerned as i havnt got a clue with this one can anyone help me.mail me on [email protected]
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Okay, are you sure it's not just killing the engine (as opposed to the electronics)? Does the radio still work when this occurs? What about the speedo reading? Do you see any red idiot lights on the instrument panel during the issue? Does it start back up just fine, or does it take a few tries before it fires off?
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