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I have purchased numerous new vehicles and dealt with other dealerships with excellent service but this I do not understand. I have been very patient, polite and have not lost my temper. I have been asking questions with no answers.

I would like to tell you about a 2012 Dodge Ram 3500 that I purchased from Crystal Chrysler Denham Dodge in Fort Saskatchewan. I picked it up in August of 2012 and have since put on 14,000 kilometres. On July 13/13 a message came over my display panel in the dash which read Exhaust Maintenance Required See Dealership Immediately, engine light came on. The truck lost power the minute the warning came on. It is under warranty so I returned it to the dealer for fixing. On August 12th I returned it for the 7th time same problem.

The 6th time I returned it to the dealership I decided to ask the Sales Manager for some help on what can be done to get my problem solved. I was told by HIM that I should call the hotline if I have any problems. I stated I do have a problem this relatively new truck is in the shop again. HIM stated if under warranty we will try to fix it and nothing else he can do, We only sell them and if you have problems phone the hotline. I asked for the phone number for this hotline, he said I don't know! I asked if he could get it, he then left the office to find it. No assistance on what information would be required when I called, so I had to make 2 calls in order to find out the info that Chrysler Canada would need.

When I finally got a case manager she explained to me that nothing they will do except keep fixing it. Oh sorry she gave $250 worth of accessories, which I feel is silly to put on a truck that sits in Denham Dodge service garage. I bring it home on Fridays and return it on Mondays. As I said today is 7th time returned.

I know Chrysler is a large company and I am 1 consumer but I have nowhere to turn to and cannot get any information. They give me the same answers, "I Understand and We are sorry but there is nothing we will do. I missed most of July with my trailer and now I have no truck for hauling my hay and grain.

Today August 15th, I went and spoke with Mr. Keith Denham and he told me that they can do nothing as it is up to Chrysler Canada. We met with the service manager and he said the Techs for Chrysler have been slow to respond. Mean while I have no truck to haul my hay, oats or horse trailer. They make me feel like I am an inconvenience to them.

August 16!!! Still they can't fix it and no answers!

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Welcome to Allpar. I'm sorry for way this is being handled, but something is missing here. If the diesel particulate (soot) regeneration system is repeatedly going into failure, then the reason has to be found and explained. Do you know what fault codes are being stored in the engine computer? Is it from excessive build-up of carbon? Has the ULSD fuel quality and source of the fuel been discussed?
Fuel is one of the biggest contributors to this problem. Another contributor is the emissions system that processes the exhaust soot. There is also an EGR decarbon service procedure and Mopar fluid that may be needed as periodic maintenance, but certainly not that often. The engine torque will be derated when the system senses a fault and enters 'limp-in' with lower power levels.
I would hope that they would want this truck fixed just as badly as you do. This is a service management concern and not a sales management concern.
If this issue has been escalated all the way up to Chrysler Canada and a district service representative is involved, then an answer should be found. A skilled Cummins diesel service technician should be able to diagnose and resolve the issue. I went to MasterTech training for these. Customer satisfaction is number one. Keep us posted.
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