The Dodge Challenger was introduced for the 1970 model year so with the arrival of the 2020 model year, the Mopar muscle car is turning 50 years old. To celebrate the 50 th anniversary, Dodge had a special event with privately owned Challengers at the Los Angeles Auto Show, where the company introduced the 50 th Anniversary Edition package. It was an impressive event for everyone involved, beautifully displaying Challengers from the 1970s to the modern era.

50th Anniversary Edition Challenger celebrates golden anniversar

For those wondering, there were no second generation, Mitsubishi-built Challengers in attendance.

To continue the theme of celebrating the 50 th anniversary of the Challenger, Dodge has rolled out a collection of shirts and hats with their holiday collection. If you are a big Dodge fan, a Challenger lover, or if you have a Dodge fan in your life, you might find some items on this list that you – or a loved one – need to add to their wardrobe.

Challenger 50 th Anniversary Apparel

First up, we have the new Challenger 50 th anniversary apparel. The priciest item on this list is a hooded sweatshirt that features a variety of modern Challenger and Dodge logos on the back. The Hellcat, Demon, SRT, R/T, T/A, Hemi and other engine logos are represented on this one, which costs $79.95.

Next up is a quarter-zip lightweight jacket. It has the Dodge hashmarks on the front and the Challenger 50 logo on the back, with a price of $51.95.

If T-shirts are more your thing, Dodge has a Challenger 50 th anniversary shirt for men and women. The men’s shirt is light blue with the silhouette of the Challenger front end while the women’s shirt is dark grey with a red Shaker car. Each has the Challenger 50 logo and each costs $18.95.

Finally, the Challenger 50 th anniversary apparel list rounds out with a pair of hats. One is beige and has “1970” across the front while the other is grey and black, with the Challenger 50 logo on the front. Each of these hats costs $12.95.

Dodge Christmas Apparel

As we near Thanksgiving, we all know that the Christmas shopping season is right around the corner. With that in mind, Dodge has rolled out their holiday items for 2019. Some of these are returning from past years and some might be new, but they are all interesting in their own right.

The Dodge “ugly sweater” is back, with the Redeye Hellcat reindeer logo, a stripe of SRT logos and the Challenger sleigh. These are only available in large, 2XL and 3XL, with a price of $69.95.

If you like the Redeye Hellcat reindeer logo, but the ugly sweater isn’t your thing, you can get a grey T-shirt with the logo for $17.95.

If you want to show your Dodge spirit on your Christmas tree, there are three options. For $5.95, you can get a red glass bulb with the Hellcat logo or a black glass bulb with the Scat Pack Angry Bee logo.

If you want to spend bigger money, there is also a hand-blown glass ornament of the Challenger sleigh, but it costs $69.95.

If you or someone in your life has a sweet tooth and a love of Dodge, there is a unique M&Ms package that includes Dodge-branded white and red candy. This 12-ounce jar of candy costs $43.95.

Finally, Dodge has adult footie pajamas for $69.95. This one-piece suit only comes in bright red, with the Dodge logo on the chest and leg, along with the Redeye Hellcat reindeer logo on the chest.

Click here for a look at these items and others on the Dodge Life website.