Dodge is previewing two ads, one 30 second and one 15 second, which link the original Dodge Brothers to the current Dodge cars.

Dodge brothers and ads

The Dodge brothers were extremely close, and were known for their wild lifestyle as well as their durable cars. They built for quality rather than for speed, and never made trucks, making links to the current Dodge somewhat tenuous. From full integration of the Dodge Brothers company into Chrysler during the 1930s, Dodge was fairly undifferentiated from other Chrysler brands, slotted along a path from Plymouth to Chrysler in size and luxury, while sharing basic designs with corporate mates.

The commercials show vintage Dodge Brothers cars in excellent shape, as well as two actors playing the brothers, likely in realistic fashion.

The campaign also includes full-page and spread print ads, the first of which show the 2015 Dodge Challenger with the headline ,“They may be gone, but they left us the keys.”