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Dodge to GM Distributor swap-

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To start off I'd just like to say hello to everyone on here. I'm a young gearhead (20 years young), so Allpar has been a great resource for me over the years while working on both of my Dodges.

Right now I'm trying to replace the entire wiring harness in my 1983? Dodge W250 (I say 83? because there are several different parts in it, from multiple vehicles, of a few different makes. It does for sure have the Dana 44/60 setup so I know for a fact its a 3/4 ton), and I want to completely bypass the electronic ignition control and ballast resistor. A friend of mine told me he was able to do it by dropping a GM distributor and coil into his 413. I'm working with 360 out of a 72 Road Runner- and am wanting to know if this is possible, and if so- how to do it.

Sincerely- Whiskey
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Welcome to the forum, sounds like you have quite the project. As far as the GM distributor goes, one issue you have to verify to start with is clearance. The 413 has the distributor in the front of the engine and the 360 is in the rear, so firewalls tend to get in the way. Now, just for a little information, it is not a simple dropping the distributor into the place of another, it is an aftermarket setup of swapping and machining the two distributors together. GM module on its baseplate to Mopar shaft and mounting point. There are other ways around this, such as Pertronics. They have figured a way around the giant distributor cap and coil the size of a baby's head at the back of the engine and attached the components to the outside of the stock case or some such thing and have heard good things about the setup.
Thank you, I think I'm just going to try and use the old equipment. And the project itself has been a complete nightmare. -_- I don't know why though, but I can't put it down.
I have seen posts (maybe on other forums) of people installing GM HEI on small block Mopars but to be honest I did not pay attention to the details because it didn't interest me.
I think it is a cut and affix the whole thing and using the GM cap and everything. I have seen them, too, and it is humongous. I think the Pertronics uses the GM guts attached to the outside but not sure how they work inside.
well, I gotta ask...why?, why would you want to do this swap?, I have been a parts guy for many years and I can tell you for a fact that I have sold WAY more G.M. ignition modules than I have ever sold Mopar ignition box's, I am not saying they dont fail but they are pretty hassle free for the most part, you did mention there is parts from other makes on your truck, if they are present in the wire harness maybe just a good used harness would be a good place to start, what is actually wrong with the truck?
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