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To start off I'd just like to say hello to everyone on here. I'm a young gearhead (20 years young), so Allpar has been a great resource for me over the years while working on both of my Dodges.

Right now I'm trying to replace the entire wiring harness in my 1983? Dodge W250 (I say 83? because there are several different parts in it, from multiple vehicles, of a few different makes. It does for sure have the Dana 44/60 setup so I know for a fact its a 3/4 ton), and I want to completely bypass the electronic ignition control and ballast resistor. A friend of mine told me he was able to do it by dropping a GM distributor and coil into his 413. I'm working with 360 out of a 72 Road Runner- and am wanting to know if this is possible, and if so- how to do it.

Sincerely- Whiskey
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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