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Does anyone know how to activate DRL on current US JK?

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I have been trying to get my southern California dealer to activate the daytime running lights on my 2012 JKUR but they don't know how.

I found the procedure to activate DRLs on my 2012 Challenger some website, and the dealer was able to follow the steps and get them to work, but I haven't had any luck finding the procedure for the JK.

If anyone knows how, please share.

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Does the US model have the required DRL lamps?
I may be wrong, but I always thought the DRL, because it's not as bright, used a separate filament, or control device?
It would seem to me that running a filament at reduced wattage/voltage requires a rheostat, or some other device that would limit lamp life span?
A good way to know might be to check lamp part numbers?
OMG, you are correct! The AEV Procal has a DRL procedure.

Ha! Ha! I was coming here to tell you that! Thanks, 2012 JKU!
1 - 3 of 9 Posts
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