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GM has an online publication called Techlink. It is aimed at GM dealer technicians but the monthly newsletters are accessible to the public. I find it fascinating to read and sometimes there will be stuff related to my Cruze. Here is a link to the site. The current monthly issue and an archive of previous issues are available.

My question is, does Chrysler have anything similar that a regular person can access?

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Generally this 'insider' information is not made public. Like service manuals and most TSB's. You will get lucky and find them in a Google search once in a while. Save them to the hard drive if they are of interest to you because they may be taken down the next day.
Much of the illegally posted Chrysler proprietary information is from another country (.ru?) or a pirate with no respect for copyright laws.
You might find bulletins of general customer interest and Mopar accessory installation instructions online, but much of the 'dealerconnect' info is password protected and kept at the dealer level.
I found the 2012-2013 HOAT and OAT coolant difference information during a Google search, for instance.
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