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Trying to find info for another person who has a 95 model. I have looked online and can find kits for up to 92 but just bushings for the 95' pins... Can anyone help with a part number...Chrysler or aftermarket... that will work? His door is sagging and needs to be fixed before putting on new fenders. I know he also might need to have the hinge area welded as this was a problem apparently with the heavy doors..Thanks anyone!!

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Body half upper 4615312
body half lower 4615211
bushing 4615311
bearing 4615216
wedge body half right side 4480642
wedge body half left side 4480643
wedge shim 4396495
bolt to body 6500354
pin 55075913
hinge door half serviced with door shell.

Send me an email I can send you a printout for these parts.

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