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Doors (T-Tops)

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Hey guys, I've got a couple cracks in my driver side door.

One around the handle...

and another below the latch...

Question is, do I fix or replace? These are on a T-top car, so they're hard to find.

If it's worth fixing, then how do I go about that? I also want to Dynamat the inside of the door to cut down on road noise (I have the panels out).
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Have a good welder/metalwork person offer a repair opinion and estimate.
The weld may be stronger than the surrounding sheetmetal and reinforcement plates/braces installed inside the door panel at the handle and latch to distribute stresses. The weld would then be filled and smoothed and prepped for repaint.
I have seen good results from repairs on common sheetmetal cracking points on these and the minivans.

Edit: Patch panels could also be cut from a good driver's door of a non-T-top car that is not damaged in the handle or latch areas.
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