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drive shaft

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I am trying to remove the drive shaft from my 36 Plymouth p1 coupe. Can someone please tell me how this is done? I have taken the bolts out of the flange at the differential and removed the rubber covers .I noticed the drive shaft moves back and forth from the differential and the transmission but not far enough to come out .Is there a procedure to this? Thanks again
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yes it is I need to understand the procedure The car is about 2 feet on stands, so what would be the next
Thanks for responding to this post
ImperialCrown said:
The trunnion joint is spring-loaded and may need to be compressed to go over the edge of the yoke? Mark the shaft, joints and yokes with a white paint dab so it goes back in the same way. 180° out-of-position may introduce a vibration. 8852LG07.gif

Is the car suspended from the frame with the rear wheels hanging off the ground? This may give enough extra clearance to get the driveshaft out.
Do you have a factory service manual with pictures and procedures?
Yes but it is a "master maintenance manual" not showing procedure . The picture you sent really helps and I thank you for that. This manual I have only talks about the transmission and u joints not removing the driveshaft .

dak4x4 said:
These cars have a different kind of U joint. I've seen leather boots on them.
There are tabs it the end of the joint that have to be pried up to take it apart, (if my memory serves)...
I will look for these tabs if I ever get to that point
Thanks this helps.
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