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drop starter to remove/replace oil pan gasket?

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need to change oil pan gasket on my '05 Grand Caravan. didnt think it would be too big of a deal, but looked in the repair manual (hayes) and it says i have to take the starter off? crawled under the van and see no reason at all to do that. the starter is above the oil pan? cant see why it would need to come off. am I missing something??? oh, its got the 3.3 in it.
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I looked at a factory service manual for a 2000 mini-van with 3.3L V6 engine. It mentions removing a bending brace between the engine and transaxle. A 2005 model may or may not have this metal piece. Remove the dust shield / inspection plate to the torque converter. This allows access to the oil pan bolts near the torque converter. Drain the oil and then remove the oil pan bolts. The starter is not referenced in the procedure. Pretty straightforward.
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