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Your best bet might be to remove the distributor and set the point gap with the distributor on the workbench. You'll be much better able to set it accurately that way and thus the dwell will be within the proper range when the distributor is reinstalled. Two words of caution:

1. Make sure you don't drop anything inside the distributor.

2. The distributor can only be installed two ways. The correct way or 180 deg. off. Be sure you get it right or you may not even be able to start the engine. If it does start it'll run like crap or possibly even backfire. GM used a gear for the distributor drive and was much more easily misinstalled.

Also, be certain you install the rotor before putting the distributor cap back on or you'll be wondering why the engine won't start. I know this from making this stupid mistake myself!

Be prepared to set the timing after all of the above.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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