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dwell setting

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A friend has a '67 Dart with the 225 slant 6 and we are having trouble getting the dwell set. Kind of a tough spot to get at to get the point gap set. The manual states the dwell angle should be 40-45. Our first attempt gave a dwell angle reading of 25 and on our next attempt we got it to 32. Since then we have went back to 25 and 23 and constantly have problems getting the point gap set. It is always either too wide or when we remove the gauge the points snap closed. What are we doing wrong and is there an easier way to do this? I am a chevy man and used to being able to set the dwell with an allen wrench via the little window on the distributor cap, this is my first attempt at working on a the slant 6 and I figure there has to be a better way of performing this procedure. Thanks in advance.
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Ron, no worries, we all have days where we just don't think clearly and as I get even older it seems I have more and more of those days.

Bob, thanks for sharing that horror story. :scared: We will be sure to watch out for the set screw should it fall out. Certainly don't need to mess up anything. Thanks for the help guys.
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