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E3 Spark Plug installation

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I have a 2006 Touring Edition (convert) and am doing K&N air intake, Borla Exhaust, MSD coil, MSD Spark Plug wires (8MM) and am looking at installing the E3 plugs. I installed the Bosch plugs with 4 electrodes in my Jeep Liberty and found them to work well with 1 gpm increase in mileage. Has anyone tried the E3's yet?
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Yep, tried E-3s and lasted from Indiana to Florida and back, then my PT started running rough. Replaced with a fresh set of Champions, and been in there ever since.
the #3 cylinder just didn't like the E-3s, never tried them again. Ran better with the champs.

2004 Dream Cruiser 2.4 High Output Turbo
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