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Early Hemi Serial Numbers

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The tables below detail the starting engine serial numbers used on the 1950s Mopar Hemi engines (often referred to as the "old style" hemi). These are easily differentiated from the new (426) Hemi motors in that the old motors had the distributors located to the rear of the carburetor, similar to the old small blocks.

The information presented below is probably not to be considered 100% complete, but it may help in identifying that mystery motor in grandpa's garage!

Webmaster's note. See A-engines, Sonoramic, Polyspherical engines; 392 C300 engine; the origins of the Hemi

also see a full article on the original Hemi - its development and applications.

And be sure to read the corrections below the table.

Serial Number
Horsepower Rating

C51-8-10011951331180 hp
C52-8-10011952331180 hp
C53-8-10011953331180 hp
C541-8-10011954331235 hp
C542-8-10011954331235 hp
NE55-10011955331250 hp
CE55-10011955331250 hp*
3NE56-10011956331300 hp (300 Letter Car)
WE56-10011956331250 hp
NE56-0011956354280 hp
3NE56-10011956354340 hp (300 Letter Car)
WE57-10011957354280 hp
LE57-10011957354295 hp
NE57-10011957392325 hp
NE57-10011957392375 hp (300 Letter Car)
58W-10011958392290 hp
58S-10011958392310 hp
58-10011958392345 hp
58N3-10011958392380 hp (w/2-4 bbl)
58N3-10011958392390 hp (w/Fuel Injection)

D44-10011953241140 hp (Red Ram)
D50A-10011954241140 hp (Red Ram)
D553-10011955270183 hp
D553-10011955270193 hp (w/Power Pak)
D500-10011956315260 hp (D500)
KD500-10011957325285 hp
KD500-10011957325310 hp (w/Power Pak)

S17-10011952276160 hp FireDome
S16-10011953276160 hp FireDome
S19-10011954276170 hp FireDome
S21-10011955291185 hp FireDome
S22-10011955291200 hp FireFlite w/4b
S23-10011956330230 hp FireDome
S24-10011956330255 hp FireFlite w/4bbl
S24A-10011956341320 hp Adventurer
S25-1001957341270 hp FireDome
S26- 10011957341292 hp FireFlite w/4bbl
S26A-10011957345345 hp Adventurer

* Robert Hovland wrote: "There was a 300 HP 331 engine built for the 1955 Chrysler C300, the first model year for the 300. In addition, two different displacement engines are listed for 300s for 1956 and 1957. To the best of my knowledge, there was only one displacement hemi engine for each model year of Chrysler passenger gars for each and every year from 1051 through 1958.

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The polysphere engine which came out as a 301 cubic inch engine in the 1955 Windsor was used in the non-hemi Chryslers in the 1955-1958 model years. This Polysphere engine, called the Spitfire, became a 331 in the 1956 Windsor(225 HP in the Windsor, 2 barrel carb, 250 HP optional and with a WCFB four barrel carb), and became a 354 in the 1957 and 1958 Windsor and Saratoga models (285 HP in the 57 Windsor with a 2 barrel carb, 295 HP in the 57 Saratoga with an AFB four barrel, 290HP in the 58 Windsor with a 2 barrel carb, 310 HP in the 58 Saratoga with an AFB four barrel. So, you better look at your data once more; you should find that the Hemi for US Chrysler passenger cars was 331 from 1951-55, only 354 in 1956, and only 392 in 1957 and 1958.

The 1956 300 had an optional engine rated at 355 HP and it was not recommended for normal street driving. There may have also been an optional engine (different cam) for the 57 300--I'm not sure. On the 58 300s there was also a very limited production option of Bendix fuel injection available on the 300D engine; I'm not sure what the horsepower rating was on this engine.

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