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ECM options

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..yeah, I'm new here with a question about the ECM/PCM;; I've "done" a couple Caravan 3.0's and find them powerful and easy (relatively) to work on,and have a complete 91 Daytona 3.0 with 5sp and wiring including the dash (IIRC..) project is a mid-engine car I'd like to keep in the "3-liter" class..I've read there's little performance stuff,but came across the fuel and Ign timing limitations the stock ECM has built in,sooooooooooo...Has anyone wired up a GM ECM to the 3.0-or any FWD Mopar- successfully?..I'm still working on the transaxle adapter,not sure if the Daytona ECM actually NEEDS help at this point,,just thinking ahead..