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Eddy Carl Chapmans, 956BFY runner

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Im an very very early 1970 runner. CA Lic plate 956BFY. I covet all my broadcast sheet numbers. I am thankfull to LA plant E #5, the St. Louis plant G #7 Hamtramck plant B #2, Lynch Road #1, well all the plants and chrysler groups, my dealer(s) for placing my order by the 68 500 car deadline and 69 sales order , the engineers I call my scat packs 56 (holly, edelbrock, Warren Brownfield, Detroit, and ... the beat goes on and on and on and...). I am very very thankful for Y 05 delivery and handling, the 68 vin id laws and my broadcast sequence numbers, my vehicle order number, F series race blood, my sequential number, my very basic bird build (lenco shifters might fit for fun), my really kicken paints, my super sweet by the numbers rim sizes, my most excellent stering column order sequence by the numbers (makes lenco shifters even more interesting), I am not a nox runner I am earlier than that for that I am extremely grateful (perhaps now that me and my owner are turning 45 old wedge heads will be fun), (tell vic I will run a decal if he will bring a mason jar filled with water), I am very very very especially honored to be 956BFY RMNOC by the la group (understanding that in early 70 vin laws were not that of the 77 laws, to john v. My first owner feb 70, my oil unit remarks 13, I do not have exaust tips I dump before that, well I can go on and on and on amd on, most extreme thanks to Emanuel.