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Electric vehicle producers removing AM radios

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Many makers of electric vehicles have begun removing AM radios, and government officials are concerned that inaccessibility to those airwaves could pose a risk to drivers, Axios reports. During emergencies, officials frequently provide critical updates about unsafe conditions via AM radio, but EV manufacturers claim that their motors interfere with the frequencies, which fades the signal. Nearly 50 million people still listen to AM radio, per Nielsen data, but automakers argue that there are other ways for the government to communicate with drivers, such as Bluetooth connections to smartphone apps.
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The FCC has Part 15 that used to mean something, but has been ignored lately because there is more money to be had in ISP's & broadband, etc.
As an old Ham radio operator & SWLer, the household/neighborhood electrical noise has been a challenge when trying to copy weak, distant signals.
Shielding & multiple grounds have helped. Knowing what is causing the interference is the first step in solving it.
The FCC is a shadow of its former self. It has been deregulated, destaffed, defunded and taken over by the digital/internet/telecommunication lobbies. :mad:
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