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Electrical Issues

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Recently my pt has started flashing the noFUSE warning on the odometer, leading me to believe that the IOD fuse was blown. However upon inspection the 20amp IOD fuse was in perfect condition. The car has also been blowing the interior lighting fuse, #13 left and right despite the dome lights not working. To top it off as I was driving home last night the radio cut out and my speakers popped, followed by a faint burning smell. How should I go about diagnosing what's wrong and is it something I could do at home? I have some electrical experience, soldering etc. Thx in advance
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Walt's right on it. The tilt section of the PT's is a known problem area for crimped or broken wires. Mine had a few of those and I got them fixed after much cussing and fussing.
In your first picture and the one that Walt drew the arrow near, I had to put a zip tie around the one in mine. If I wiggled the connection, things would work. When I let it go, they'd stop. I put a thin zip tie as close to the middle as I could and cranked it as tight as I could and my issues cleared up. Most of mine were radio related.
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