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Electrical Issues

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Recently my pt has started flashing the noFUSE warning on the odometer, leading me to believe that the IOD fuse was blown. However upon inspection the 20amp IOD fuse was in perfect condition. The car has also been blowing the interior lighting fuse, #13 left and right despite the dome lights not working. To top it off as I was driving home last night the radio cut out and my speakers popped, followed by a faint burning smell. How should I go about diagnosing what's wrong and is it something I could do at home? I have some electrical experience, soldering etc. Thx in advance
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Do you ever use the tilt-column? I have seen wires break in this area. Pull the instrument cluster bezel, cluster & steering column shrouds to inspect the harnesses & ignition switch/multifunction switches for heat damage & broken/bare wires (the steering wheel can stay on).
See if moving the steering column up or down affects the radio power?
Thank you, I just recently adjusted the steering column before this so that's most likely the issue. I'll post updates once I get around to it.
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Finally got around to trying to diagnosing the problem to no luck. :/ All the wires look nice and and out of the way of moving parts so I'm really unsure as to what the issue could be now. I took a few photos to see if the experts could see anything wrong lol.
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I still have it all disassembled at the moment so I'm going to go in a bit deeper to see if I can find anything wrong.
Ok, I removed the instrument cluster and everything looks mint under there as well. I took pictures but I'm not sure how useful they'll be bc everything looks ok. Going to put it all back together and think about taking it to a shop now. :|
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