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Electrical problem with Town and Country Van

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I have a 2008 Town and Country Van. About 2 weeks ago all of the dash warning lights came on and stayed on for 2 days. No problems with performance. Then they went off after the couple of days. Today, the windshield wiper came on all of a sudden for a few seconds and then went off. Then all of the dash warning lights began going on and off along with the "warning dinging sound". Obviously, turning the van off and on has not helped. Any suggestions?
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Had a similar problem with the 2009 Journey SXT we had previously. All the warning lights were cycling on and the wipers wiping once every 5 seconds - this happened when it was 3 years old (in service date of 3/2008) and only 47K miles. As I recall it was something to do with the CAN (Cabin Area Network bus controller) bus. We ended up trading it in for a lightly used 2010 Journey. Never did find out if the CAN bus failed completely or if it was a short, but it was definitely a CAN bus issue. In addition to the idiot lights cycling, the gauges (speedometer, tach, fuel) were resetting as well.

Hope it is still under warranty as I think it was a fairly hefty repair expense. I know the dealership fixed it as they had on the used car lot the very next week. Unfortunately, in our case, we were out of warranty and did not have an extended warranty on the '09. We do have an extended warranty on our 2010 Journey.

Good luck.

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I'm no mechanic, so don't hold me to this, but I'd try unplugging and cleaning the connector on the BCM and see if that helps. I think it's located under the kick panel on the passenger side of the van. Not positive though. Sometimes water can leak through there if the cowl drains are stopped up. The water will corrode the connection.

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There may be fault codes stored in the instrument cluster or cabin compartment module. Did the gauges behave normally?
If you have EVIC, it may display these codes or you may be able to put the cluster in a self-test mode by having the ign off, holding in the trip reset button, turn on the ignition and release the button.
Watch the odometer display for information and have a pen and paper ready to write down information and possible fault codes.
This still may need a trip to the dealer service dept for a higher level of service or software upgrade, etc.
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